Giving To Mountain Island Community Church

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Mountain Island Community Church
4316 Mount Holly Huntersville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28216


  1. Send money to:

Bank Account Automatic Draft

Auto Debit Giving is an easy and consistent way to support God’s work by giving to MICC.  Auto Debit is set up directly with your banking institution and most banks offer this as a free service to their customers. Auto Debit giving is the best way to give because:

   – It’s easy to set up, adjust and maintain!

   – It’s cost-effective. 100% of your gift goes to the church!

   – You can give once a month, twice a month or weekly!                                                             

   – You won’t forget – automating your giving helps you stay faithful in honoring God with your finances!  

How to Set Up Automatic Debit Giving 

To set up Automatic Debit Giving to MICC you are required to contact your banking institution directly. Log on to the bank web site (i.e., your personal online account), make a phone call or visit your bank. They will provide step-by-step instructions.

Your bank will most likely require some or all of the following information about MICC:

Name: Mountain Island Community Church
Address: 4316 Mount Holly Huntersville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216
Phone Number: (704) 399-3316
Account Number: No account information is required

You can set up one-time or recurring gifts (they may call them “payments”). Most banks send courtesy email reminders but check with your own particular bank on that. Payments can be changed or stopped at any time.

MICC does not need to be informed in advance that an automatic bill pay has been established. The bank will automatically forward the payment to us at the appropriate time. Thank you in advance for giving to God’s work through your church!

Thank You for Giving

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